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Neurocentric Coaching


Are You Ready to Transform Your Potential into Performance? Discover How Neurocentric Coaching Guides You to Peak Achievement.

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Achieve Personal Mastery Through Compassionate Neuroscience

Unlock Your Full Potential: Break Free From Fears and Step Into Your Power

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Transcend Fear, Escape Limiting Beliefs, and Gain Clarity

Where are you feeling stuck?

Neurocentric Coaching is a science-backed methodology that equips you with a toolkit you can use to successfully navigate change and growth across all aspects of life — with enduring results.

Your Mind

Do you need the tools to reprogram negative thoughts that hold you back?

Your Marriage

Do you want to experience more freedom and joy in your marriage?

Your Team

Do you want to enhance your impact as a leader and get your team in sync?

Your Children

Do you want to better understand how to parent and lead your children?

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Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader & Author

As an experienced medical doctor and the creator of the Personal Mastery™ program, Roddy’s compassionate approach to Neurocentric Coaching™ balances hard science with the depth of the human experience.

He’s helped people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity, and thriving relationships.

Having worked with Olympic athletes, spearheading landmark events in global health, and overcoming life-altering experiences himself, Roddy is dedicated to seeing people healed, whole, and performing at their best.

You are designed for success!

Regardless of how disconnected, stagnant, or overwhelmed you may feel, you are biologically designed for success!

Our Neurocentric Coaching™ method gets to the roots of your unique psychobiology and the complex cognitive forces that impact your success.

We’re not simply boosting your motivation for a weekend or trying to change your behavior. Neurocentric Coaching™ rewires your underlying biology with enduring benefits in your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional life.