Dr. Roddy Carter, M.D.

As a physician, scientist and corporate leader, I have guided Olympic athletes to realize their physical, mental, and emotional potential, and have led internationally-recognized research programs in cardiovascular health.

Today, I empower individuals, leaders, coaches, and organizations to unleash their fullest potential. Through personal insight and hard work, we activate beliefs, attitudes, and actions, tapping into the full power of the incredible human brain.

I call this journey Personal Mastery because when we have all our organs, systems, and faculties working for us, including our brain, we have truly mastered our own biology.

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The Path to Peak Performance

Organizations are only as effective as their leaders, yet many of us habitually underachieve. Like an Olympian, you need the tools and training to operate at your best day after day.

I can show you how to get ahead and stay ahead in all the important domains of your life, without burning out.

If you are ready to upgrade your impact using these cutting-edge scientific insights, contact me today.

Please note: All remaining 2018 spots are booked. Schedule your 2019 engagement today.

For Your Organization

Boost Engagement and Productivity

To drive growth, today’s workforce must somehow deliver more. Yet, at the individual level, we are maxed out. Through liberating scientific insights, my transformative workshops will inspire your team to build a winning mindset, practice and culture that nurtures and retains top talent, while reducing workplace stress.

It’s time for your organization to flourish.

Please note: All remaining 2018 spots are booked. Schedule your 2019 engagement today.

For Veterans

Empowering the Warrior’s Journey

The WHealthy Warrior Project inspires and educates brave men and women who have served their country. Let me show you how to complete your Warrior’s Journey, and secure for yourself the peace you fought to protect.

Motivational Speaking

Transformative Insights

I love sharing breakthrough knowledge with teams and organizations, equipping them with winning habits that break performance barriers.

Unlock Your Best


Dr. Roddy’s BodyWHealth program is a proven pathway to health, happiness, and prosperity. Explore the seven powerful keys of lasting transformation. Based on evolutionary principles and scientific evidence, BodyWHealth changes lives.

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