Dr. Roddy Carter, M.D.

Performance Scientist and Master Coach

Neuroscience-Powered Success

As a physician, scientist and corporate leader, I have guided Olympic athletes to realize their physical, mental, and emotional potential, and have led internationally-recognized research programs in cardiovascular health.

Today, I empower individuals, leaders, coaches, and organizations to unleash their fullest potential. Through personal insight and hard work, we activate beliefs, attitudes, and actions, tapping into the full power of the incredible human brain.

I call this journey Personal Mastery because when we have all our organs, systems, and faculties working for us, including our brain, we have truly mastered our own biology.

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Unlock your natural superpowers and powerfully lead your company with neuroscience-backed strategies.

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Revitalize your relationship through the transformative neuroscience of connection.

Unlock your natural superpowers and step into a profoundly-fulfilling life.

Unlock the extraordinary in you and powerfully lead your company with the neuroscience of success.

Mastermind Group for Executive- and Life-Coaches

DEEPLY EMPOWERED COACHES walk their talk! They model authentic leadership, personal belief and self-compassion, and professional success for their clients.

This career- and life-changing experience includes over 40 hours of intense education, coaching and peer-work in the neuroscience of Personal Mastery™.

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Latest Articles from Dr. Roddy.

Unstoppable YOU
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Brigitte was a gold-medalist in three consecutive Olympic Games, and she had just demonstrated why. Can you remember a time when you were unstoppable? There are several moments in my life where I have felt truly unstoppable. The day I got married, the day I was awarded my medical degree, and several memorable athletic victories [...]read more
Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps
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  Self-Confidence is a fundamental component of success and happiness. Here are three simple steps to boosting your confidence. I hate reading articles that claim three steps to anything. Life simply isn’t like that. It’s a long and complicated journey of learning and growth. I nevertheless decided to challenge myself to come up with three [...]read more
In Search of SELF
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  One tiny, three-word question often evokes a flood of confusion and pain, and has the potential to unlock a life of well-earned peace and joy. If you want to see me cry, play the profoundly moving song from Les Miserables in which the protagonist Jean Valjean asks the ultimate existential question “Who am I?” [...]read more

Transformative Coaching


The Path to Peak Performance

Organizations are only as effective as their leaders, yet many of us habitually underachieve. Like an Olympian, you need the tools and training to operate at your best day after day.

I can show you how to get ahead and stay ahead in all the important domains of your life, without burning out.

If you are ready to upgrade your impact using these cutting-edge scientific insights, contact me today.

Please note: At this time, my coaching engagements are fully booked. Contact me to add yourself to the waiting list, and I will gladly contact you when space is available.

For Your Organization

Boost Engagement and Productivity

To drive growth, today’s workforce must somehow deliver more. Yet, at the individual level, we are maxed out.

Through liberating scientific insights, my transformative workshops will inspire your team to build a winning mindset, practice and culture that nurtures and retains top talent, while reducing workplace stress.

It’s time for your organization to flourish.

Please note: At this time, my coaching engagements are fully booked. Contact me to add yourself to the waiting list, and I will gladly contact you when space is available.

For Veterans

Empowering the Warrior’s Journey

The WHealthy Warrior Project inspires and educates brave men and women who have served their country. Let me show you how to complete your Warrior’s Journey, and secure for yourself the peace you fought to protect.

Motivational Speaking

Transformative Insights

I love sharing breakthrough knowledge with teams and organizations, equipping them with winning habits that break performance barriers.