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From Insight to Impact:

Achieve Peak Performance through Neurocentric Coaching

Welcome to the forefront of personal development with Dr. Roddy Carter. Roddy’s unique Neurocentric Coaching methodology is derived from the latest neuroscience-based insights and is designed to optimize your brain’s performance. Discover how Neurocentric Coaching can transform your approach to challenges, enhance decision-making, and elevate creativity and collaboration.

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Success often feels elusive; as if it’s a secret that’s meant to be understood and mastered by a lucky few.

But the truth is, it’s available to each and every one of us.

Yet, most of us are buried in layers of protective neurobiology. These survival-based circuits result in profoundly limiting attitudes and automated behaviors that, like subconscious scars, compromise our performance.

In order to experience substantial success, you need to align your entire brain behind your mission. That’s why a bout of motivation becomes nothing more than a fleeting boost of inspiration, until some event occurs that gets you down and derails your progress.

What if we could show you how the structure and function of your beautiful brain can be rewired, unlocking the hope and self-confidence that already exists deep within you?

Through our signature workshops and Neurocentric Coaching™ methodology, you learn how you can finally get out of your own way and find freedom from the invisible barriers that have held you back.

If you’re ready for a radical change in your life, your business, and your relationships, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Roddy Carter

A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, who has studied and worked on four continents, Roddy has over 40 years of experience working in a range of medical disciplines and corporate sectors — from working in the hospital’s trauma unit and as a family physician to Olympic sports medicine and exercise scientist to biotechnologist and chairman of corporate boards.

Amidst his professional success, Roddy experienced his own happiness and health crisis. During this profoundly challenging time, he began applying his deep knowledge of performance neuroscience to his everyday life.

This intimate personal experience highlighted for him how many of us (even the most successful) have a misaligned relationship with our most powerful gift — our brain.

In moments of trauma, the brain develops intricate psycho-protective adaptations to ensure our survival in the short term. However, these adaptations often impose substantial residual limitations, preventing us from reaching our full potential and leaving us with considerable dysfunction and distress.

So today, he’s dedicated to sharing his compassionate approach to Personal Mastery™ with as many people as possible in order to help others uncover their immense and innate capacity through neuro coaching and personal development.

Roddy is also a devout family man as the father to four incredible children. To learn more about Roddy’s education and career, connect with him on LinkedIN and inquire with us to get started!

What our clients and students have to say

Authored By Dr. Roddy Carter

The Problem With Anger


We all know anger. Anger can be consuming, even compelling, and on the surface seems to wield its power to impact our lives and situations for the better. But have you ever noticed that anger doesn’t really solve any problems? Have you ever noticed that, in fact, anger only seems to make things worse…for yourself, especially?

In The Problem with Anger: And How to Solve It, Roddy creatively explores the neural pathways we develop as children, the ways in which they hamper us as adults—and how we can retrain them to enjoy lives filled with peace and joy.

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Fireside Wisdom

Conversations to Inspire Personal Mastery

Roddy’s newest book, Fireside Wisdom, is a series of colorful and practical insights to challenge the limits you have accepted in your own life. This book will help guide you to get out of your own way by understanding the complex cognitive, emotional, and spiritual forces that impact your happiness.

Integrating cutting-edge neuroscience with deep personal experience, Roddy invites you to a cozy fireside chat where he shares uplifting strategies for living your best life. Order today!

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Journey to Abundance

Roddy’s first book, BodyWHealth, is a personal growth strategy to unlock the best possible you. You’ll also uncover his personal story from facing intense burnout to a complete, physical reboot.

Based on evolutionary principles and scientific evidence, it’s a proven pathway to health, happiness, and prosperity. Order now!

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Sunset Lessons

Reflections on Light and Love from the Darkest of Places

Roddy composed this anthology of personal reflections after the death of his wife, Karen, following her courageous battle with cancer. In them, he describes his inspirational journey through grief to find fresh hope in the promise and power of the sun.

He offers these insights to the reader with the conviction that sharing hope appropriately honors the gifts of light and love that Karen brought to the world. Order a copy now!

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