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Unstoppable YOU
Unstoppable YOU 1024 683 Roddy Carter

Brigitte was a gold-medalist in three consecutive Olympic Games, and she had just demonstrated why. read more

Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps
Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps 1024 540 Roddy Carter


Self-Confidence is a fundamental component of success and happiness. Here are three simple steps to boosting your confidence. read more

In Search of SELF
In Search of SELF 1024 681 Roddy Carter


One tiny, three-word question often evokes a flood of confusion and pain, and has the potential to unlock a life of well-earned peace and joy. read more

Soar with Purpose
Soar with Purpose 1024 682 Roddy Carter

Each of us can remember a day when we jumped out of bed, enthused by a major project or big event. We hold crisp memories of the glow of excitement, a palpable physical experience. For good reason. When we live with purpose, we are rewarded with health and happiness. read more

Engage to Thrive
Engage to Thrive 640 427 Roddy Carter

When Mother Nature gifted us with our emotional brains hundreds of millions of years ago, she leap-frogged us ahead of all other species. This collection of nerve centers, known more formally as the limbic system, controls our inter-personal connections. It equips us with the mammalian instincts to nurture our offspring and collaborate with others to protect and advance our kinship groups. To ensure that we do this, Nature designed a simple reward system, called happiness. When we engage socially, we trigger irresistible neurochemical rewards. read more

Foster Profound Commitment to WHealth
Foster Profound Commitment to WHealth 1024 682 Roddy Carter

BodyWHealth is the path to health, happiness and prosperity. It is a simple journey. Simple, but not easy. Three Golden Rules guide you to physical health. Two Golden Rules enable emotional health. Two Golden Mindsets empower your journey, ensuring success. read more

Sleep: Time for Building
Sleep: Time for Building 1024 682 Roddy Carter

Technology and societal progress have propelled modern humans into a new lifestyle. Our days are no longer governed by the ancient diurnal rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Our biology has not yet had time to adapt, with significant negative consequences. For WHealth, we must understand and honor the primal value in sleep. read more

Balance Energy for Life
Balance Energy for Life 1024 683 Roddy Carter

Why BodyWHealth? It’s simple. To prosper, you need to unlock the powerful linkages between mind, body and emotion. When you do this, you open yourself to a life of abundance. There is no bigger prize. It starts with your body. To support a life of extraordinary achievement, joy and fulfillment, you have to build the vessel to carry you there.  Here is how you prepare for WHealth … read more

10,000 Steps; Foundation for WHealth
10,000 Steps; Foundation for WHealth 1024 682 Roddy Carter

The first blog I wrote for BodyWHealth is probably still the most important one I will ever write. It outlines the importance for exercise, specifically moderate intensity aerobic exercise as the primary foundation for your WHealth. read more

Help yourself, first. Good advice?
Help yourself, first. Good advice? 1024 653 Roddy Carter

It’s a crazy suggestion, yet the airlines continue to follow the practice, en masse. If the oxygen masks descend from their neat little enclosure above your head, put yours on first before looking after your children! This is so contrary to every cell in my body that the message jars every time I hear it. But is it wrong? read more

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