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Your Magnificent Brain

The Power Of Belief

Success is elusive, a secret understood and mastered by only a few. The good news is that success is attainable—through the power of belief. Belief

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Balancing Work and Life

How many times have you complained about not having a good work-life balance? The funny thing is, you hardly ever hear anyone complain about having

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Break the Work-Life Conflict

Our ancestors integrated work, family, and community seamlessly. We can learn from them to secure our own work-life balance and happiness. Though I’ve written before

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Personal Growth

Avoiding The Burnout Cliff

Are you feeling tired, jaded, stale, fatigued, or burned out? These are all common terms used to describe the physical and emotional consequences of overwork,

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Personal Growth

Be Who You Want to Be

We need to get out of our own way. Only we stand between our current reality and our future desires. Think about it… Do you

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Journey to Abundance

Roddy’s first book, BodyWHealth, is a personal growth strategy to unlock the best possible you. You’ll also uncover his personal story from facing intense burnout to a complete, physical reboot.

Based on evolutionary principles and scientific evidence, it’s a proven pathway to health, happiness, and prosperity.

Sunset Lessons

Reflections on Light and Love from the Darkest of Places

Roddy composed this anthology of personal reflections after the death of his wife, Karen, following her courageous battle with cancer. In them, he describes his inspirational journey through grief to find fresh hope in the promise and power of the sun.

He offers these insights to the reader in the conviction that sharing hope appropriately honors the gifts of light and love that Karen brought to the world.

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