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Compassionate, Neurocentric Coaching™

Get to the root of your unique neuropsychobiology and the complex cognitive, emotional and spiritual forces that impact your success.

Searching for a Way to Experience Deeper, Longer-Lasting Results...and Faster?


Roddy works with a limited number of individual and executive coaching clients. Each coaching relationship is a three month cycle that guides you intimately through our signature Personal Mastery™ framework.

Whether you’re looking for personal life coaching, executive performance coaching or high-level leadership consulting, each transformational engagement is tailored to your unique and dynamic needs.


Today we know that the adult human brain is highly adaptive. This concept, now known as neuroplasticity, has been well established, and is the source of dramatic scientific progress, including advances that may enable blind people to see by fundamentally changing brain structure and function.

We now understand that the adult human brain behaves a lot like a muscle, and it is highly trainable!

Together, we’ll thoroughly explore and define the unique mosaic of neuroprotective adaptations that are limiting your success. These natural adaptations, gone unaddressed, often cause pain, distress and lead to destructive relationships at work and at home.

While we systematically detrain these undermining circuits, we also cultivate and amplify your deeply authentic mental and emotional strengths.

Neurocentric Coaching™ teaches you how to navigate and implement this practice in a safe, trusted space.

While we systematically detrain these undermining circuits, we also cultivate and amplify your deeply authentic mental and emotional strengths.

Neurocentric Coaching™ teaches you how to navigate and implement this practice in a safe, trusted space. 

The Result?

Over the span of three short months, you’ll end up with a robust transformation and a huge growth spurt that leads to the immense rewards of personal mastery™ - profound joy, lasting prosperity and thriving relationships.

“We can either feed our ‘fear muscle’ or we can feed our ‘belief muscle’.
This process isn’t a secret, but it is rarely practiced.”


"I achieved something that I guess I didn't realize was a possible outcome, which is lending more to that saying "the more you know, the more you realize you don't know". If I could put it into sort of an analogy, it's like say, the world of possibility is this big, 1000 unit condominium. My world so far has been lived in 100 of those units. I was looking for help to navigate through those units, and while I did learn a bit more about navigating those rooms, I also was shown secret doors to a few new units."
“The moment I realized the coaching was working was when I started to get back into flow and gain confidence in myself. I started to feel like I was getting out of my own way and performing at my highest level again. After training with Roddy, I broke through many of the barriers stopping me from getting in flow and being resilient and confident in growing my business and team."
“I wanted to unleash the fullness of my personal capabilities and to make the foundation I direct as effective as possible. I felt a bit stuck and like I had untapped potential. In working with Dr. Roddy Carter, M.D., I was able to identify self-limiting beliefs that were coloring my habits. He helped me to gently uncover those unhelpful patterns and to challenge them until new, more productive, habits could take root. Dr. Carter encouraged this deep work while being sensitive to the timing of my own process. In the end I became very clear on what I hoped to achieve, and that clarity has energized me and our organization, allowing us to move quickly toward our ideal outcomes.”

Have you tried just about everything else out there, yet have only found temporary improvements at best?

With Neurocentric Coaching™, you can finally uncover the seemingly elusive “success secrets” to apply in your own life with enduring results. With a high-touch, extremely personalized approach, we’ll dive deeper into each area of your life so you can experience enduring personal growth, rich reward in your relationships - especially the one you have with yourself - and lasting fulfillment in your career.

Is Neurocentric Coaching™
Right For You?

  • You’re committed to your success and ready to uncover the gold that’s buried inside of you.
  • You’re ready to invest in your growth, and are looking for a trusted guide to help you navigate and master your complex mind. 
  • You have the courage to look inward and are open to new insights into your unique mental and emotional design.
  • You have the desire to move from where you are to where you want to be.
  • You’re willing to take action, and are ready to do the "psychic push-ups" required to change the underlying structure and function of your brain.
"I have been a coach for over 20 years and have had coaches throughout my life. Roddy is in a class by himself. He combines a truly genuine love of humans with a simple yet powerful model to help bring tremendous change to people’s lives. I was introduced through my wife at a time of real pain and internal struggles. For the prior two years, I felt as though I was struggling to survive and had lost sight of who I was. I know who I wanted to be but, for the life of me, just couldn’t get past the negative thoughts in my head.

With Roddy’s help, I have found renewed inspiration for my business and my personal mission, a drastically better relationship with my children, a deep connection and love for my wife, and, most of all, I have found 'me' again. Thank you, Roddy, from the bottom of my heart."


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