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0 – Optimizing Your Journey

Access the program overview for detailed program instructions, become familiar with the program architecture, and receive tips for optimizing your journey.

01 – Journeying Toward Unstoppable

Explore what it means to be stoppable and unstoppable, recognize the magical force that drives you, and create a vision of your ideal future.

02 – Understanding Your Brain Operating System

Embark on an exploratory journey into the five key regions of your brain, and gain critical knowledge about the evolution of the human brain and the natural wiring of your Brain Operating System (BOS).

03 – Understanding How Your Brain Talks

Learn the three languages of your brain, an essential BOS concept that most haven't been taught, and how to successfully apply it to become a brain master.

04 – Owning the Office of the CEO

Master a 5-step process to become the CEO of your life and gain clarity and perspective when facing problems, obstacles, challenges, and dilemmas.

05 – Programming Your Filter

Program your brain to remove biases, strengthen responsiveness in uncertainty, and focus on critical information to ensure you achieve your dreams.

06 – Conquering Fear

Learn, practice, and apply a 7-step process to conquer deeply rooted fears that keep you from becoming unstoppable.

07 – Driving Belief

Create enduring positivity and sustain an unstoppable state day after day through a practical process that drives belief and increases positive thoughts you have about yourself.

08 – Boosting Belief

Turbo boost belief with tailored mantras crafted to rewire your brain, and learn a brain-body hack to quickly correct course and catapult yourself to success when you feel stuck.

09 – Activating Desire

Harness the power of your emotional brain to activate desire and achieve your dreams.

10 – Making Commitments: Your Launchpad for Long-Term Success

Put together everything you've learned into a simple, systematic practice. Commit to strengthening your practice, and create an action plan to make consistent, incremental progress toward becoming unstoppable and realizing your dreams.