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DEEPLY EMPOWERED COACHES walk their talk! They model authentic leadership, personal belief and self-compassion, and professional success for their clients.

  • Deliver more consistent, and enduring breakthroughs for their clients.
  • Achieve better results than their peers.
  • Boost their own financial success.
  • Enhance their own self-belief, self-compassion and life balance.

The Number of Executive- and Life- Coaches is growing rapidly. Most struggle to achieve enduring breakthroughs for their clients, or in their own businesses.

Luckily, rapid advances in neuroscience have provided performance scientists new insights into the human brain and psyche. We can now empower coaches with Neuro-centric™ insights and coaching methods that differentiate them from their peers as cutting-edge authorities and thought leaders in their local community.

Coaches with Neuroscience-Based Training Stand Out from the Crowd!

This career- and life-changing experience includes over 40 hours of intense education, coaching and peer-work in the neuroscience of Personal Mastery™.

A small group of experienced, ambitious, growth-minded executive- and life-coaches combine their expertise and ambition in a local Deeply-Empowering MasterMind Group.

Following the completion of two 3-day immersions and intercurrent web-based meetings, successful candidates are enrolled in the growing International Community of Deeply-Empowered Coaches™ for no additional charge.


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In-Person Interviews

San Diego, CA — Early June 2019

The Deeply-Empowered Coach™ movement is led by international Performance Scientist and Master Coach, Dr Roddy Carter (MD), who has inspired Olympic medalists, business leaders, and well-known artists to unparalleled success using the Neuro-centric™ Coaching Method, and the Integrated Intelligence™ Model and Coaching Tool.

In 2016, the San Diego Business Journal honored him with an Award of Distinction for “unlocking the treasure chests of the natural and social sciences to teach personal mastery and natural leadership.”

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