1-Day Workshop for Entrepreneurial Business Leaders // Winter 2020 // Toronto, ON

Unlock the extraordinary in YOU and powerfully lead your company. 

We are designed for success. After 200 million years of iterative design, Mother Nature has built us to win. We are hardwired to triumph. Yet, every day, we underperform.

Entrepreneurism is emerging as an essential pillar that underpins our individual and collective success, yet half of all new entrepreneurs fail within five years.

We stand in our own way, unable to move past our own limiting beliefs and inner critics.

You have probably left more than one workshop or coaching session pumped up, ready to succeed, only to wake up several days later with the precious motivation having evaporated without trace.

Or, you have walked out of a coaching session with a clear list of actions ensuring success, only to run out of steam days into your new resolve. The benefit of both motivation-based and behavior-based interventions decay rapidly over time.

In contrast, Deeply Empowered Leadership gets to the roots of our neuropsychobiology. We’re not simply boosting motivation, or changing behavior. Neurocentric Coaching©  rewires your underlying biology with enduring benefit.

Deeply Empowered Leaders

  • Get more done with supercharged effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Authentically inspire customers, partners and employees to champion the mission.
  • Command energy to not only win at work, but to also enjoy a rich personal life.
  • Eliminate self-doubt and experience a deep and enduring personal breakthrough.
  • Unlock confidence, persistence and resilience — driving performance enhancement for the rest of their lives.

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What participants are saying about Deeply Empowered Leadership

Before working with Roddy, I thought I was already performing at a top level, but I wasn’t hitting my goals. After training with Roddy, I broke through many of the barriers stopping me from getting in flow and being resilient and confident in growing my business and team.
—Parker Harris, Founder & President at Junto Global

Something has been unleashed in me I have not experienced in a long, long time. I have felt strong, happy, vibrant, creative and so deeply inspired. You have given me permission to embrace a life I never dared to dream.
—JK, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

Roddy helped me navigate one of the most challenging times in my life, and gave me the tools to break through the walls I was putting up. Since coaching with Roddy, my business has been better than ever, and I am happier than I ever have been. I feel like I am performing at the highest level and I credit Roddy and his coaching for that.
—Christian Chasmer, Founder and CEO Elevate

Workshop Host

Georges Haddad

Professional EOS Implementer™

Georges is a Professional EOS Implementer™ helping Leaders who are frustrated and realize they are spinning their wheels, wasting time, money and good people. Professional Georges, brings 25 years of experience and perspective and personal Georges, brings authenticity and commitment to help Leaders get what they want from their business and develop their Leadership Team to execute on the vision.

Workshop Leaders

Dr. Roddy Carter, M.D.

Performance Coach, Physician, Scientist, Business Leader, Author and Speaker

Motivated by a transformative personal experience, Dr. Carter dedicates his professional energy to inspire today’s leaders to be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives. Roddy’s clients include community and business leaders, Olympic medalists, Ironman triathlon winners and well-known artists.

Jill Phillips

High Performance Business & Life Coach

Jill Phillips combines her skills as business & life coach to strengthen and grow businesses from the inside out.  She coaches leadership teams, executives, and individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Location Details

Venue TBD
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for CEOs of entrepreneurial businesses, but visionary leaders, managers, and those looking to break through to the next level are welcome.

How many others will be attending?
To keep the workshop focused and high-impact we limit attendance. Only 12–16 leaders participate.

What do I need to bring?
Please wear relaxed, business-casual clothing. The experience is about nurturing deep authenticity in your life and leadership, and we want you to be at ease throughout.

What happens at the workshop?
Sessions are balanced between instructive teaching from Roddy, group workshops and discussions, and facilitated reflection time.

What is the schedule?
9:00am-5:00pm (lunch will be provided).

Will all conversations and discussions remain confidential?
Absolutely. The workshop is regarded as a “sacred space” full of trust and free from reaction and judgment.

What will be different afterwards?
While the takeaways for each person are unique to them, expect to leave with deep insights into yourself and your people, and the neuroscience tools that unlock enduing confidence, persistence and resilience.

Do you have a cancellation policy in case our plans change?
A $200 cancellation fee is retained to cover the cost of the event space and food. However, we understand that truly unforeseen circumstances occur and if you are unable to attend, please contact us to see what options are available.