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Having Dr. Roddy Carter as the keynote speaker at our event was an inflection point.

His ability to distill complex neuroscience into practical, actionable insights allowed us to conceptualize and act in ways both our businesses and life would benefit.

Heather Moyer

President, CEO, and Founder, HNM Systems & YPO San Diego Coastal Chair

Meet Your Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader & Author

Dr. Roddy Carter, a leading neuroscientist, physician, author, and speaker, captivates audiences worldwide with his expertise in brain development and behavior change. His Neurocentric Coaching™ method has revolutionized personal and professional growth, empowering Olympic athletes and business leaders alike. Roddy’s keynotes span diverse topics, offering transformative, science-backed insights that inspire lasting change by liberating individuals from limiting beliefs and behaviors, driving enduring success and fulfillment.

As the creator of the Brain Operating System™ and the founder of Neurocentric Coaching™, Roddy’s compassionate approach to executive and life coaching has helped thousands unlock their brain’s life-transforming power, experiencing profound joy, thriving relationships, and lasting success and prosperity.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Roddy now resides in La Jolla, California, where he guides executives, teams, and high-achievers through one-on-one coaching, neurocentric-based workshops, and engaging speaking events worldwide. In his quest to help people elevate their lives, Roddy brings a warm, empathetic, and compassionate approach to the podium, balanced by his medical, business, and personal background.

Roddy’s wealth of scientific knowledge and proven effectiveness throughout his 40+ year career makes him a sought-after choice for educating and inspiring diverse audiences to take action. By inviting Dr. Carter to your event, you ensure an impactful and transformative experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Roddy captivated and motivated our audience with his deep insights into neuroscience and elite performance.

His approachable demeanor and practical strategies inspire excellence, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of purpose and clear, actionable steps.

Anna Crowe

Founder and CEO, Crowe PR & EO San Diego Chair

Keynote Speaking Topics

Neurocentric Insights

Dr. Roddy Carter tailors his speaking engagements to meet the specific needs of your audience, drawing from his extensive knowledge of the neuroscience of behavior. His popular topics include the following:

Leadership Inside-Out

Transforming Leadership Culture: Learn how to end workplace apathy and inspire more from yourself and your team. Neurocentric Coaching™ changes leaders’ brains, impacting employee engagement and customer satisfaction for enduring success.

Unlocking the Office of the CEO

Master Your Mind for Personal Mastery: Gain control over your life and escape the daily grind by utilizing your brain’s pre-frontal cortex, the CEO of your mind. This talk provides guidelines for achieving personal mastery and taking control of your destiny.

Gold Medal Brains

Peak Performance Secrets from Olympic Champions: Unlock the brain’s potential to achieve world-class performance. Learn how Olympic athletes harness their brains for confidence, resilience, and superhuman achievements, and apply these lessons to your life and business.

Relationship Alchemy

Revitalize Relationships: Elevate your relationships by understanding the science of interpersonal connections. Learn to overcome neurological defaults that sabotage relationships while building authentic, productive connections.

Future Intelligence

Prepare Your Brain for the Future: Navigate the challenges of artificial intelligence by mastering your brain. Learn how to ensure AI works for you, not against you, and prepare for a future where your brain is your greatest asset.

Happiness Unraveled

The Neurobiology of Joy: Explore the science behind happiness and discover actionable steps to enhance your life. Learn how to align with Mother Nature’s design to unlock lasting happiness.

Roddy captured and held the audience’s attention from his opening sentence.

His vivid stories, relatable examples and colorful personal experiences illuminate a powerful scientific message that leaves listeners inspired to pursue his practical advice. I recommend Roddy without reservation.

Craig Irving

President and Founder, The Irving Group

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