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Through one on one life coaching you can get to the root of your unique neuropsychobiology and the complex cognitive, emotional, and spiritual forces that impact your success.

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Work With Roddy Carter One on One

Work with Roddy Carter One On One

Training your brain to believe

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The Life Coaching Process?

Today we know that the adult human brain is highly adaptive. This concept, now known as neuroplasticity, has been well established and is the source of dramatic scientific progress, including advances that may enable blind people to see by fundamentally changing brain structure and function.

We now understand that the adult human brain behaves a lot like a muscle, and it is highly trainable!

Together, we’ll thoroughly explore and define the unique mosaic of neuroprotective adaptations that are limiting your success. These natural adaptations, gone unaddressed, often cause pain, distress, and lead to destructive relationships at work and at home.

While we systematically detrain these undermining circuits, we also cultivate and amplify your deeply authentic mental and emotional strengths.

Roddy Carter’s Life and Personal Development Coaching teaches you how to navigate and implement this practice in a safe, trusted space.

The Result?

Over the span of three short months, you’ll end up with a robust transformation and a huge growth spurt that leads to the immense rewards of personal mastery™ — profound joy, lasting prosperity, and thriving relationships.

“We can either feed our ‘fear muscle’ or we can feed our ‘belief muscle’. This process isn’t a secret, but it is rarely practiced.”
Roddy Carter, executive coach is based in San Diego, California
Dr. Roddy Carter

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Have you tried just about everything else out there?

Have you tried just about everything else out there?

Yet only found to have had temporary improvements at best?

With Roddy Carter’s Life Coaching, you can finally uncover the seemingly elusive “success secrets” to apply in your own life with enduring results. With a high-touch, extremely personalized approach, we’ll dive deeper into each area of your life so you can experience enduring personal growth, rich reward in your relationships — especially the one you have with yourself — and lasting fulfillment in your career. Register today.

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