Urgent Need for
Earnest Investment

Most games, including the game of LIFE, are won or lost in the third quarter!

All hell breaks loose in our “third quarter”, usually in our early 40s. After the first two quarters, centered on learning and experimentation respectively, the cataclysmic third period is characterized by relentlessly compounding personal, professional, financial and family pressure.

Most human beings put their heads down, hoping to survive this period. Leaders foster deliberate growth, investing in themselves to win the third quarter.

A third quarter victory invites a calm fourth quarter, where champions coast to victory. For others, the final quarter becomes a desperate attempt to salvage success!

Enjoy the life you have earned!

With a 3-year Power Play in your Third Quarter.

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Transformation by Design for
Senior Organizational Leaders

In competitive sports, a power play employs a single-player advantage and a deliberate impact-strategy to allow the advantaged team to pull ahead.

The Third Quarter Power Play exploits a multi-player advantage and a worldclass impact-curriculum under the leadership of a highly-experienced executive coach to systematically ensure that a select group of leaders win their third quarter.

12 invited leaders will secure exceptional third quarter performance, through:

  • intense individual coaching in a safe professional relationship,
  • facilitated learning within a competitive, high-performing peer group,
  • the activation of cutting-edge neuroscience in daily practices,
  • systematic tracking and accountability within an overtly supportive team, and
  • the structured cascade of a winning mindset into both organization and family.

Human performance specialist, senior executive coach and author, Dr. Roddy Carter MD, will guide you to unlock your highest potential during this crucial but often overwhelming period.

An Overwhelming

An imposing crescendo of challenges arise in the third quarter. The disruptive convergence of intense pressures across several critical life domains can be overwhelming, even for the best of us. A Third Quarter Power Play equips you with an impact-strategy that averts doom, and propels you to victory.


You face a surge in responsibility. You lead larger, more complex teams, manage growing budgets and strive for more ambitious results.

Personal Finances

Success in this period is critical if you want to compound your wealth. Third quarter gains and losses have disproportionate impact on long-term wealth.

Personal Wellbeing

Physical and Emotional wellbeing teeters precariously. Degeneration begins to overwhelm regenerative forces. Stress amplifies this physiologic catastrophe. Fears of purposelessness haunt even the most resolute mind.


Midlife ambushes the identity and confidence of the unprepared. Stable marriages and maturing partnerships face poignant watersheds; while once tranquil homes erupt with chaotic adolescent energy.

Relative Competence Gap

During this vulnerable period, your formal education becomes rapidly redundant, even before your growing life experience accrues as a seasoned asset.

Listen with humility, Learn with
intention, and Act with expectation

Dr. Roddy Carter provides leaders with a game plan that is as much cutting-edge science as it is pragmatic performance enhancement, having trained elite athletes for Olympic competition, actively researched both wellness and degeneration, inspired high performing corporate teams to stand-out success, and rebooted his own life after a dramatic third quarter.

Five Simple Scientific Principles

Perfect Design

You are unquestionably designed by Mother Nature for grand success.

Performance Unlimited

You real-ize unlimited success by honoring your natural design.

Personal Mastery

You unlock success by mastering your unique neurobiology; tearing down internal performance barriers to reveal a winning mindset.

In Your Hands

Success is a choice. Simple steps transform performance, bringing victory within reach.

Systematic Contagion

Triumph is infectious, within your own life, and between individuals.