Sunset Lessons Cover

Sunset Lessons

Reflections on Light and Love from the Darkest of Places

To my beloved wife Karen,
who was, is, and always will be
at the very center of my being.
Your light shines forever in my heart.

I am fascinated by the impact of natural phenomena on the human psyche. We are all connected—to each other, and to the infinite cosmos that is our home.

At times, I try to understand the science of these exquisite interactions. At times, I simply stand in awe, a humble observer.

This is a series of reflections on the power and impact of the setting sun, as seen through the filter of tremendous grief and emerging hope.

The work is dedicated with immeasurable gratitude to the life and legacy of my beautiful wife Karen, whose mortal journey ended prematurely during a spectacular sunrise and whose memory will forever be enshrined in the magical light of the setting sun.