August 17 – 18 |  Brisbane, AUS | 2-Day Retreat for Courageous Couples

Revitalize your connection and unlock the deeply-fulfilling relationship you have hoped for. 

“I’ve worked with many wonderful couples as individual clients, and the neuroscience-based methodology I have evolved has proved to be immensely powerful. Working under my gentle but persistent guidance, these couples have liberated themselves from deeply-entrenched conflicts.

And now, we do the same for a larger group in one fun-filled, but focussed weekend.

We create a safe, trusting environment where couples can work in the same close intimacy, while benefitting from the infectious courage of several other couples actively engaged in enhancing and enriching their own relationships.

Although a couple in deep conflict will undoubtedly benefit from this powerful approach, the Unstoppable Couple retreats are not designed only for couples in crisis.

The methodology identifies and removes previously unseen barriers, transforming bad to good, good to better, and better to UNSTOPPABLE.

I urgently want you to experience Unstoppable in your relationship, and hope that you will consider attending this life-changing event.”

— Roddy

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“Roddy guided us in a safe and systematic way to rediscover the very best in ourselves and in each other. We’re now in a position to consistently bring our most authentic voices to our time together. The enriched communication has rejuvenated our relationship. Thank you Roddy!”

– Sue I. and Charles W

Unstoppable Couples

Unstoppable Couples thrive with deep self-insight, deep partner insight and exceptional interpersonal communication skills.

Unstoppable Couples model robust, healthy relationships, interpersonal harmony and problem-solving skills to their children, friends.

Unstoppable Couples capitalize on moments of focused investment into their relationship to create a lasting impact in their lives.

Unstoppable Couples create a ripple-effect of clear, connected, communication throughout their community.

Unstoppable Couples Enjoy…

Clearer, authentic communication.
A deeply-connected, enduring relationship.
Increased peace and joy.
Fewer and shorter fights.
A mutually-fulfilling relationship.

The Retreat

This 2-day workshop will include group discussions, formal instructional sessions, and ample time for guided discussion between partners.

Arrive with a heart filled with hope, and the courage to look anew at yourself and your partner. We will uncover beauty in both of you.


August 17 – 9am to 5pm
August 18 – 9am to 3pm

Accommodations & Meals

We will provide a breakfast and lunch on both days. There are many good restaurants within walking distance of the hotel for dinners, and we’ll be happy to make recommendations.

The hotel has offered special rates for couples who choose to stay overnight.

Additional Information

No further preparation is required. Please wear relaxed, comfortable clothing. The experience is about nurturing deep authenticity in your relationship, and we want you to be at ease throughout.

What Participants are saying

Roddy creates a safe space that allows you to open up under controlled settings. He helps you to breaks down the issues and then reconstruct them with an appropriate action plan to build a successful relationship -YP

The workshop built deep understanding and addressed our relationship challenges in a caring and mindful way. -AN

This workshop will help guide you to an awareness about yourself and your partner that you never thought you had, but desperately needed to be authentically happy! -KDR

Performance Scientist and Master Coach, Dr. Roddy Carter MD.

After his origins as a much-loved family physician, Roddy specialized in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, preparing elite international athletes for Olympic competition.

He went on to become a senior executive in several multi-billion dollar biotech companies, improving the health of millions of patients around the globe.

Today, Roddy empowers individuals, leaders, coaches, and organizations to unleash their fullest potential. Through personal insight and hard work, he activates the beliefs, attitudes, and actions that tap into the full power of the incredible human brain.

In 2016, the San Diego Business Journal honored him with an Award of Distinction for “unlocking the treasure chests of the natural and social sciences to teach personal mastery and natural leadership.”

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