1-Day Workshop for Audacious Entrepreneurs  //  La Jolla  // February 14, 2020

Unlock your natural superpowers and powerfully lead your company with neuroscience-backed strategies. 

In this workshop, Dr. Roddy Carter provides 7 hours of intense education and coaching on the neuroscience of success to a small group of ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs.

Success is elusive; a secret understood and mastered by only a few. More importantly, for substantial success, you need to align your entire brain.

Dr. Carter’s Neurocentric Coaching™ gets to the roots of your unique neuropsychobiology and the complex cognitive, emotional and spiritual forces that impact success. 

We’re not simply boosting motivation or changing behavior; Neurocentric Coaching™ rewires your underlying biology with enduring benefits in your life, business and relationships. 

  • Get more work done, for longer.
  • Easily overcome the many potentially-crushing barriers every startup faces.
  • Authentically inspire customers, investors, partners and employees to champion the mission.
  • Command energy to not only win at work, but to also enjoy a rich personal life.

Before working with Roddy, I thought I was already performing at a top level, but I wasn’t hitting my goals. After training with Roddy, I broke through many of the barriers stopping me from getting in flow and being resilient and confident in growing my business and team.
—Parker Harris, Founder & President at Junto Global

Entrepreneurs without Confidence, Persistence and Resilience inevitably fail!

  • 4 out of 5 start-ups fail within 18 months
  • 50% of the survivors fail within the next 3.5 years

Luckily, rapid advances in neuroscience have provided performance scientists a new window into the human brain and psyche. Combined with emerging insights into personal energy management, the well-trained, modern entrepreneur now has a clear path forward.

Roddy helped me navigate one of the most challenging times in my life, and gave me the tools to break through the walls I was putting up. Since coaching with Roddy, my business has been better than ever, and I am happier than I ever have been. I feel like I am performing at the highest level and I credit Roddy and his coaching for that.
—Christian Chasmer, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Elevate


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Led by Performance Scientist and Master Coach, Dr. Roddy Carter MD.

Dr. Roddy Carter is a physician, performance scientist, and corporate leader.

His comprehensive Personal Mastery™ program guides others in dismantling their individual neuropsychobiological barriers to peak-performance and unlocking the brain’s built-in power to achieve robust wholeness, balance, and prosperity.

His book BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance, a roadmap for uncovering lasting health and purpose, was developed through meticulous scientific documentation of his own life-altering wakeup call and extraordinary personal reboot.

Dr. Carter shares his unique methodology with high-performing individuals, business leaders, couples, and parents through personal coaching and dynamic workshops. He guides his clients to discover  the immense rewards of Personal Mastery: robust wholeness, prosperity, and thriving relationships.

In 2016, the San Diego Business Journal honored him with an Award of Distinction for “unlocking the treasure chests of the natural and social sciences to teach personal mastery and natural leadership.”

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Roddy’s work took me safely but profoundly below the surface, unlocking my peak performance, for REAL results! Roddy has helped me exponentially expand myself on a personal and professional level, which is imperative for business success and true happiness. He imprinted his rich skill set and methodology in a world class way. I took away new tools that continue to impact my life, allowing me to better serve the individuals and teams I work with; creating everlasting positive ripples of change.

—Jill Phillips, Founder, Vision Impact Coaching; Life & Business Coach

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