A Series of Four Transformative Evenings
February 27, and  March 5, 12, 19  ///  5:30–7:30pm
La Jolla Shores Beachfront venue (Address provided upon registration)

Self-Belief. Self-Compassion. Inner Harmony.

No natural force is more potent than human belief. It provides the energy, the resilience, the patience and the strength required to “get it done”. Mother Nature designed the Power of Belief into our hard- and soft-wiring. She gave us a brain that is intricate and complex in design, but simple and formidable in its potential.

The problem is that few of us tap into that potential. We stand in our own way, unable to move past our own limiting beliefs and inner critics.

Through proven neuroscience, Dr. Carter’s Personal Mastery™ methodology gets to the roots of our unique neuropsychobiology and the complex cognitive, emotional and spiritual forces that impact wholeness.

We’re not simply boosting motivation or changing behavior; Neurocentric Coaching™ rewires your underlying biology unlocking and restoring your authentic self.

Are you ready for:

  • Robust, healthy relationships
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Peace and Joy
  • Freedom from the nagging pain of self-doubt
  • Dramatically reduced daily stress
  • Sustained success at home and at work

If you are ready to begin the journey to a profoundly-fulfilling life, then join us for these four life-changing evenings in the golden glow of a Pacific sunset.



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Dr. Roddy Carter is a physician, performance scientist, and corporate leader.

His comprehensive Personal Mastery™ program guides others in dismantling their individual neuropsychobiological barriers to peak-performance and unlocking the brain’s built-in power to achieve robust wholeness, balance, and prosperity.

His book BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance, a roadmap for uncovering lasting health and purpose, was developed through meticulous scientific documentation of his own life-altering wakeup call and extraordinary personal reboot.

Dr. Carter shares his unique methodology with high-performing individuals, business leaders, couples, and parents through personal coaching and dynamic workshops. He guides his clients to discover  the immense rewards of Personal Mastery: robust wholeness, prosperity, and thriving relationships.

In 2016, the San Diego Business Journal honored him with an Award of Distinction for “unlocking the treasure chests of the natural and social sciences to teach personal mastery and natural leadership.”

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Omaid Amedi is an experienced Criminal Defense Investigator and advanced yoga instructor with a deep respect for the connectivity between body, mind and life.

He arrived with his family in the United States from the autonomous region of Kurdistan through Political Asylum. Starting his schooling at the age of 6, he made his way through the many cultural barriers faced by an immigrant and adapted to the “American way.”

Omaid graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science/Law. Straight out of college, he began his career as Criminal Defense Investigator for the County of San Diego Public Defender’s office.

After several promotions, he now works in a conflict office working primarily on homicide cases. His job requires him to wear many hats—investigator, psychologist and social worker. Omaid also teaches high intensity Yoga Sculpt classes, where he inspires his students to always be better versions of themselves.