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Tracey Proudfoot invites you to:

The Signature Online Program

Unstoppable You

Rewiring Your Brain for Success Through Mastery of Your Brain Operating System

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Unstoppable You

Our Most Popular Live Workshop is Now Available as an Online Course

With an expanded curriculum and powerful exercises.

You’ll be guided through a 14-week transformational journey to move past your fears and rewire your underlying neurobiology, so you can live your ideal future.

Developed and Taught by Roddy Carter, MD

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You don’t need extreme discipline to change your life.

You simply need to understand the elementary wiring pattern of your brain.

Doing so enables you to go from thinking and feeling like:

I’m stuck in certain areas and not seeing any major results despite my attempts at making progress (and despite being successful in other areas).”

“I’m sick and tired of standing in my own way. I want to feel confident and self-empowered. I don’t want fear to hold me back.”

“I’m having trouble turning good intentions into habitual, sustained behaviors. I want lasting change.

“I want to amplify my success and make an impact before it’s too late.

I want to take advantage of more opportunities and get out of the mindset of what’s not possible.”

I need a clear action plan. I could use a guide who’s actually seen sustainable results and can help with tips to redirect if I get off track.”

And instead, to know and believe in your heart:

“It’s possible for me to create my ideal future.”

Start Here. Become Unstoppable

After all, it’s not your fault you feel stuck.

In the early years—at home, in school, or on the job—we aren’t taught how to use the magnificent gift we’ve been given: our BRAIN.

Yet the only way to become unstuck…to become unstoppable…is to master how your brain works.

Just as the computers and devices that we use on a daily basis have an operating system, so does our brain. It’s our greatest resource, yet most of us don’t have a clue how it works. So we remain feeling stuck day after day.

But in reality, you’re not actually stuck.

Your brain is just telling you that you are.

It’s telling you what you can and can’t do.

Which may cause you to question, “Why would something so smart do something so illogical? And shouldn’t we have control of our brain—not the other way around?”

Now you’re onto something…

“Your thoughts drive your future. Thoughts are the products of the higher center of the human brain—that differentiates you from all other forms of life. Mastery of your thoughts is undeniably linked with success. In order to deliver success, you must overcome a range of obstacles. The most powerful challenges come from within.”

— Dr. Roddy Carter

And because you’ve found
yourself on this page…

You’re already one step ahead in discovering your own potential.

In fact, the deep fulfillment you’re seeking is already within you.

You just need the tools to help you break down your walls and build up the neurological pathways that make your success practically inevitable.

Live Participants Have Shared

100% of participants at live Unstoppable You workshops rated the event “Excellent”. All participants were “Extremely Likely” to recommend the event to a friend or colleague.

“This course gives scientific, practical tools to empower each and every one of us to conquer our fears and move forward with a clear and conscious mind.”
Anna Phelps
“I am walking out of this class with more confidence knowing that I have named and conquered my fears.”
Adam Segale
“This workshop gave me a proper understanding of dealing with my fears and taking action. I am more equipped now to be unstoppable. Roddy is changing my life.”
Geoffrey Goldstein

Here’s how you can release yourself from the pre-programmed mental algorithm that’s holding you back.

Master your Brain Operating System

Backed by modern neuroscience to activate the unstoppable power of your brain.

You’ll uncover tangible ways to:

Overcome deeply entrenched limiting beliefs that have led to your feelings of disempowerment.

Stop struggling with difficult emotions, such as sadness, underachievement at work, lack of confidence, or broken relationships.

Silence the voice of fear and doubt in your brain that prevents you from taking action and living freely.

Discover the confident, resilient mindset that’s within you.


Unstoppable You

A 14-week online program teaching you how to master your Brain Operating System

For the first time ever, this signature program is available outside of a live workshop setting. Now you can be one of the first to experience it at your convenience—on your laptop or mobile—and ultimately master your greatest resource—your brain.

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Packed with Intentional Tools & Resources in an Instructional & Actionable Format


  • Lessons with more than 50 bite-sized videos
  • Downloadable workbook to accompany each lesson
  • Over 50 interactive activities
  • Access to the online program for a full year


Explore the Lesson-by-Lesson

Lesson 1

Introducing You to Your Journey Ahead

An overview of evidence-based techniques, knowledge, and neuroscience principles.

Lesson 2

Unpacking the Meaning of Unstoppable

A guided approach to designing your desired future state across both your home and work lives.

Lesson 3

Understanding your Brain Operating System

Critical knowledge about the evolution of the brain, hierarchical structure, the emotional vs. cognitive brain, the role of the prefrontal cortex, and more.

Lesson 4

Understanding How Your Brain Talks

An experiential way to redirect your thoughts and use them to overcome your fear.

Lesson 5

Owning the Office of the CEO

A step-by-step process to move past ‘stoppability’ in order to create unstoppable moments—by using awareness of awareness and direct categorization of thoughts, feelings, and fear.

Lesson 6

Clearing the Filter

An approachable way to handle information overload in order to actually receive the information that’s most important to you.

Lesson 7

Conquering Fear​

A refreshing way to walk through fear to victory while discerning the difference between fear’s helpful cues and its untruths.

Lesson 8

Driving Belief

An activation of your cognitive brain in order to drive belief and create enduring positivity. Discover how the 3 parts of your brain influence what you believe and how the opposite of belief can impede the vision you have for your life.

Lesson 9 Exercise #1

Own Your Assets

It’s time to put what you’ve been learning into practice. Beginning with defining and creating a library of what your unique assets are, when to use them, and how to establish an undeniably strong place to retreat to.

Lesson 10 Exercise #2


Next you’ll experience first-hand the powerful shifts that occur in your brain through the art of expressing gratitude. This exercise will teach you a repeatable practice to employ as you embrace this powerful cognitive vector to help you further drive belief.

Lesson 11 Exercise #3


While you’ve likely heard of them and may even have a few you recite regularly, this exercise will teach you how to develop positive statements that create a substantive impact, but to also pair them with positive habits to deepen their effect.

Lesson 12 Exercise #4

Brain-Body Connection

Here you’ll receive an overview of how your body sends messages to your brain, and how these important signifiers affect your feelings, behaviors, and even hormone levels. Through an exercise of Power Posing, you’ll learn when to use your body to feel expansive and powerful.

Lesson 13

Activating Desire

A repeatable process rooted in vision boarding to activate desire, turbocharge positivity, and create unstoppable success.

Lesson 14

Making Commitments: Your Launch Pad for Long-term Success

A reflection of what you’ve experienced and achieved, as well as how to integrate action words in order to sustain this Unstoppable You.


By mastering the power of your brain and refusing to give in to fear or succumb to failure, you’re able to enjoy extraordinary achievement through unwavering belief in your own success.

Become Unstoppable

Save your seat today and begin to unlock success by mastering your uniquely powerful neurobiology.

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Cost of the online program


Meet your guide

Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader, and Author

As the creator of the Unstoppable You program, Roddy’s compassionate Neurocentric Coaching™ approach balances hard science with the depth of the human experience. This is the same time-tested process he uses with his executive coaching and leadership development clients.

He’s helped people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity, and thriving relationships.

Having worked with numerous Olympic athletes, spearheading several landmark events in global health, and overcoming a handful of life-altering experiences himself, Roddy is dedicated to seeing people healed, whole, and performing at their best.

Live participants have shared

“Insightful and inspirational ways to elevate self-awareness and positively impact your life.”
Sarah Hardwick
“This workshop taught me to show gratitude to my fears and brain for protecting me, but not letting it control me. I now have tools to connect with others in a meaningful way. I used to not know how to help and try to “solve” problems. Now I have concrete tools that have been tested to really create change and sustainable relationships.”
Molly Andoe

This life-changing brain mastery experience is available online for:

Growth-seeking individuals

Entrepreneurial leaders

Loving partners

Devoted parents


Anybody who falls into routine patterns of thinking

If you’re willing to look inward, explore your fears and doubts, and take action on what you’ve learned, you will undeniably benefit from this program.


have a few questions before enrolling?

This is a fully self-paced program with no group, live, or community element. However, it has been intentionally structured to give you the teaching, training material, and exercises you need to effectively progress through it one week and one lesson at a time, for the duration of the 14 weeks.

Experience has shown that the work done in reflection, assimilation, and practice between lessons contributes substantially to final results.

You will have unlimited access to the full course and all included materials for one year from the date of purchase.

You will receive an email confirmation and receipt of your purchase. Approximately one week prior to the official open date, you will receive another email with log-in instructions. On July 7th, you will officially gain access to the first lesson.

Yes! We encourage it. (But please note, each enrollment is for one person only.) You will have the option to “bring a friend” at check-out for just $200 more. If you’d like to inquire about bulk enrollment options for teams and corporations, please send an email to:

100% Money Back Guarantee

Unstoppable You is a proven program developed by an experienced and expert instructor. If you do the work with an open heart and a courageous mind, it will give you the tools and the belief to accelerate forward in your life.

While results are dependent on each unique individual, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your investment into Unstoppable You, get in touch to book a brief phone call. We simply want to hear what you need, what’s missing from the curriculum, and/or how to make the program better or more personalized.

We stand behind the program 100% and are so confident you will experience results that we’re willing to fully reimburse your cost of enrollment otherwise.