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The CEO Project

Join Roddy Carter, MD in Uncovering the
Neuroscience of Sustainable Success

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What does it take to become Simply Unstoppable?

What does it take to become Simply Unstoppable?

Success is a highly alluring topic, largely because enduring results aren’t experienced by everyone. The path to the “top” can feel mysterious and puzzling. But as you’ve likely learned from your own experience, success isn’t based on motivation or behavior alone.

Throughout my career as a performance scientist and executive coach, I’ve spent years studying the magnificent human brain and am profoundly aware that our thoughts and behaviors impact executive performance in one of two ways. They either act as catalysts for our success — or they stand in our way, keeping us from achieving greater impact, powerfully leading our teams, and growing the bottom line.

When faced with strategic growth challenges and acute business pressure, many entrepreneurs and executives try to forge ahead using default mindsets that may even have contributed to the problems in the first place. Individual companies and the collective economy suffer as a consequence.

Unfortunately, these executives are not aware of the advantages of modern neuroscience-based leadership strategies that remove internal barriers with enduring results.

So I’ve set out to change this through The CEO Project but I need your help. I need your insight and thoughts. You’re a successful leader in your field and I believe your views and insights will be of benefit to others. Please join me in a one-on-one conversation about what it takes to become Simply Unstoppable.

In this in-depth, 45-minute interview we’ll discuss:

  • How successful senior executives optimize their personal, intellectual, and emotional assets
  • How they’re able to allay and manage their fears
  • The correlation between confidence and leadership
  • What it means to “get out of our own way” and whether it’s possible to train our brains to do just that

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Please complete before: 26 February 2021

Please complete the brief form below (or simply email me at and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to confirm the date and time of our discussion. As these interviews are an integral part of my next book, I will send you a copy of it once it’s published in appreciation of your time and participation. I will also gift a veteran with an opportunity worth $995 (see below).

“Roddy helped me navigate one of the most challenging times in my life and gave me the tools to break through the walls I was putting up. Since coaching with Roddy, my business has been better than it’s ever been, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I feel like I am performing at the highest level and I credit Roddy and his coaching for that.”
Christian Chasmer

Have a few questions first?

Learn more about The CEO Project and your role in it below.

What exactly is The CEO Project?

The CEO Project is a research-based interview series to obtain a variety of personal insights into peak performance from high-level business and organizational leaders. The output will inform the content of my new book. At my roots, I’m a performance scientist. This means I help people to perform at the highest level using cutting-edge scientific understanding of the human brain. I have worked with many CEOs and executives with the sole aim of helping them to achieve Personal Mastery™ — and ultimately, leave a positive impact in their wake. I have established the CEO Project to solicit input and experience from beyond my own neuroscience-based executive coaching network.

What is your next book about and what have you previously published?

The title has not been confirmed or publicly shared yet but it is about unlocking our brains, getting out of our own way, and helping senior executives such as yourself to harness the science of being Unstoppable.

My past books include:

Are these interviews confidential or will you be publicly sharing what we discuss?

These interviews are 100% confidential. I will request your permission to record our discussion so that I may listen back to it as part of my research. You will not be directly quoted without your explicit permission and all of my findings will be anonymized. Trust and confidentiality are cornerstones of all of my work.

When will the interviews be taking place?

We will work together to find a suitable time on our mutually busy schedules.

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The WHealthy Warriors Initiative

The WHealthy Warriors Initiative

For each completed interview…

I will also be giving a complimentary seat (valued at $995) to a deserving veteran at one of my Deeply Empowered Leadership workshops. If you have someone in mind, please share their name and information with me as I’d love to add them to my list for consideration as your special guest. You can learn more about the workshop here.

Thank you for your support!

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“A game changer…providing a completely liberating perspective on how to live from a place of self-awareness and empowerment that enhances interactions with every person you encounter.”
Tanya Wannenmacher