Personalized Executive Coaching

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Activate Your Full Potential with Roddy Carter, MD

Your journey of transformation has begun, and now is the time to propel it forward. The greatest risk of not transforming is waiting. As a gentle nudge, for our workshop participants only, we are offering an exclusive $1,500 incentive towards Roddy’s one-on-one coaching package. This unique proposition is a testament to our dedication to your exceptional development and the promising path that awaits you.

Enroll now with the discounted rate, and Roddy will personally reach out to schedule your individual coaching sessions. You will continue to enjoy a 10% discount on subsequent coaching fees.

Commit to your transformation, and Roddy will guide you, step by step, to the spectacular future you deserve. Visit our Executive Coaching page to learn more.



Please note that Roddy maintains a limited and exclusive roster for his one-on-one coaching. This is intentional so he can provide the utmost personalized attention and transformative experience. Spaces are coveted and tend to fill quickly, so act now to join the first come, first served client waiting list.

I’ve done a lot of personal development work in my life. I have done several of live events with big name coaches, and they are beneficial in the moment, but the vallue wanes over time. Roddy is different; he is enlightening in the way the he goes much deeper. He expects real work, but he walks beside you through it. Through this process, I've add to my vocabulary both in self talk and in how I communicate with others. Working with Roddy is the ultimate investment in yourself.

Stefan Bozik

The world has been, and continues to be, a place filled with ambiguity. When our fear begins to take control of our brain the response is a life void of joy. This course gives scientific, practical tools to empower each and every one of us to conquer our fears and move forward with a clear and conscious mind.

Anna Phelps

Before working with Roddy, I thought I was already performing at a top level, but I wasn't hitting my goals. After training with Roddy, I broke through many of the barriers stopping me from getting in flow and being resilient and confident in growing my business and team.

Peter Harris

Roddy has taught me to show gratitude to my fears and brain for protecting me, but not let them control me. I now have tools and feel capable to connect with others in a truly meaningful way.

Molly Andre

Roddy’s work took me below the surface, unlocking my peak performance, for REAL results! Roddy has helped me exponentially expand myself on a personal and professional level, which is imperative for business success and true happiness. He imprinted his rich skill set and methodology in a world class way. I took away new tools that continue to impact my life, allowing me to better serve the individuals and teams I work with; creating everlasting positive ripples of change.

Jill Phillips

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