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Book Dr. Roddy Carter as the keynote speaker for your next event and bring the transformative power of Neurocentric Coaching™ to your audience.

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Roddy captured and held the audience’s attention from his opening sentences.

His vivid stories, relatable examples and colorful personal experiences illuminate a powerful scientific message that leaves listeners inspired to pursue his practical advice. I recommend Roddy without reservation.

Craig Irving

President and Founder, The Irving Group

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader & Author, BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance

As the creator of the Personal Mastery™ program, his compassionate approach to executive coaching and life coaching has helped thousands of people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity, and thriving relationships.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Roddy now lives in La Jolla, California, where he guides others through his workshops, one on one coaching, and speaking events both locally and around the world.

Roddy brings a warm, empathetic, and compassionate approach to the podium, balanced by his tenacity for helping others.

His wealth of scientific knowledge and proven effectiveness throughout his 30+ year professional career makes him a welcome choice for educating and inspiring a breadth of audiences to take action. Inquire today.

What our clients and students have to say

Compassionate Neuroscience: The Science Of Profound Hope

Signature Keynote Topics By Roddy Carter

Here are a few popular topics that Roddy can speak on at your event. As each presentation should closely meet the needs of your audience, he would also be happy to discuss other themes that best suit your event.


Leadership Inside-Out

Leadership lessons from neuroscience to end the crisis of workplace apathy, and evoke more inspired participation and authentic power from your people.

BEST FOR: Executives and leaders who want to increase their impact across their organization; starting with their own performance.

NeurocentricTM training changes the structure and function of the leader’s brain, triggering a cascade throughout the organization that systematically impacts employee engagement and customer satisfaction — the two ultimate levers of organizational success.

Working from the inside out, we transform the leadership culture with enduring benefits.

14 trillion dollars are spent each year on leadership training in the USA alone, yet 70% of employees are not engaged, and 50% want to leave their current jobs. What a colossal waste of money and human potential! Most leadership training focuses on leadership behavior and motivation, with results that are at best transient.


Unlocking The Office Of The CEO

Take control of your life, and escape the chaos and exhaustion of the daily grind, by occupying the C-suite of your mind.

BEST FOR: CEOs and other top executives and entrepreneurs, who depend on clarity and confidence for big leadership decisions, and are looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth

The prefrontal cortex of the human brain is responsible for executive functioning. Many of us have never heard of it. Most of us have not been trained in its use.

Like the office of the CEO in a regular organization, it provides a calm, clear, objective view of the world from which to make good decisions.

It’s not surprising then that most of us survive a life of chaos and confusion, rushing from one crisis to another. This talk will provide simple guidelines to accelerate your journey to Personal Mastery by setting you up to take control of your own destiny.


Gold Medal Brains

Lessons in peak performance from the brains of Olympic champions.

BEST FOR: High-achievers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and/or growth-oriented individuals.

We are designed for success, yet most of us run up against invisible barriers as we labor bravely toward our personal and professional goals. Olympic athletes have found the secret. They have unlocked the power of their magnificent brains, releasing unstoppable confidence, untiring resilience, and seemingly superhuman achievement, to drive every step of their journey to the podium.

Modern performance neuroscience sheds light on many of these valuable secrets, and Neurocentric coaching guides non-Olympians to world-class performance, at work and at home. If you’re a business leader, this talk will empower you to both bring your best self to the table and to get the very best out of your team.


Happiness Unraveled

An actionable exploration of the science of living a more joyful life

BEST FOR: Individuals who are ready to thrive and flourish and experience lasting happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Happiness levels continue to drop around the world, and the USA is leading this painful trend. But happiness is a simple biological commodity, designed by Mother Nature to both incentivize and reward us for good behavior. So, to be happy, all we need to do is understand what Mother Nature intends us to do and apply this to our lives.

This talk explores the neurobiology of happiness, providing actionable steps to enhance your life by unlocking your natural design.


Secrets To Natural Order

7 keys to physical and emotional transformation

BEST FOR: Individuals of all ages; predominantly those who are seeking greater health, happiness, and prosperity.

New rules for an old body? Or old rules for a new body?

Understanding our perfect evolutionary design provides simple guidance for living a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. Very few people enjoy even one of the three, despite the fact that we are designed to enjoy all three! Luckily there is a simple pathway to get there: a proven track based on robust evolutionary principles and scientific evidence.

In this talk, I empower you to define your enduring personal growth strategy to abundance — a state of profound physical, emotional, and mental strength.


Relationship Alchemy

Revitalize your relationships through the neuroscience of deeply authentic connection.

BEST FOR: Anyone who works closely with others and wants mutually productive and happy relationships, including: progressive leaders and their teams; couples in deep trouble, complacent plateaus, and striving to be their best and devoted parents who want to raise unstoppable adults.

Organizations, families, and society at large are built on relationships. The success of each of these functional social units is directly dependent on the quality of these relationships. Vital and effective relationships start with understanding the science of interpersonal connection. Too often, our inherent neurological defaults trap us into recurring patterns of thought that sabotage our best intentions. We become ensnared by protective layers that work against us, and the success we desire.

This talk outlines a simple pathway to identifying and nurturing your authentic self, and to building powerful and productive bridges with those you live and work with.


Future Intelligence

Prepare your brain for the future, before the future takes control of your brain…and your life.

BEST FOR: Any individual or thought leader interested in their humanity and the role it should play with regard to technological advancement and innovation.

Apocalyptic theories abound. In most, an alien invader takes control of the planet and threatens our species. But the truth is, the potential enemy is already in our midst. We are surrounded by it. It lives in our pockets and purses, in our homes and offices. Artificial intelligence will be a mighty force that propels homo sapiens forward with a massive evolutionary leap into the future. Or, it will be a crushing blow that subjugates our collective human intellect to serve its own cyber-purposes. Luckily, we can choose between these two outcomes. However, we don’t have much time, and there is a huge amount of work to be done to avert disaster.

The solution is simple. If we don’t control our own brains, they will. But despite rapidly emerging scientific insight into our human brain, most of us remain enslaved to it, making us easy targets. This talk will illuminate a simple path to having your magnificent brain work for you. Only when we as individuals and as a species can do this, can we have artificial intelligence work for us, and not vice versa.

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