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Are you standing in your own way?

These free chapters from Roddy’s latest book will help you find your path forward

Challenge the limits you’ve accepted in your own life by joining Dr. Roddy Carter by the fireside of life. Receive a curated collection of excerpts from his latest book “Fireside Wisdom”. It will inspire you to push through self-imposed barriers and achieve your biggest dreams.

Throughout Dr. Roddy Carter’s newest book, “Fireside Wisdom”, you’ll:

Read practical suggestions to achieve personal mastery.
Find the joy and success you crave.
Get out of your own way by understanding what is truly impacting your happiness.

Start challenging the limits you’ve accepted in your life!

    Meet Your Guide

    Dr. Roddy Carter

    Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader, and Author

    As the creator of the Unstoppable You program, Roddy’s compassionate Neurocentric Coaching™ approach balances hard science with the depth of the human experience. This is the same time-tested process he uses with his executive coaching and leadership development clients.

    He’s helped people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity, and thriving relationships.

    Having worked with numerous Olympic athletes, spearheading several landmark events in global health, and overcoming a handful of life-altering experiences himself, Roddy is dedicated to seeing people healed, whole, and performing at their best.

    Get out of your own way!

    What’s preventing you from achieving your dreams?

    Have you heard the expression you’re standing in your own way’? More often than not, when you empower your brain as the dominant authority in your life, your thoughts and emotions end up being a barrier to your success. Rather than enabling you, your brain becomes an obstacle. You stand in your own way, restricting your own performance and limiting your own success.

    This book will help guide you to get out of your own way by understanding the construct of your mind and the complex cognitive, emotional, and spiritual forces that impact your happiness. It is a series of colorful and practical insights and suggestions garnered from the application of this mind-blowing science in the author’s own life and the lives of his clients.

    You are invited to join the author next to the warm and inspiring fireside of life, engage in the conversation, and begin to challenge the limits you have accepted in your own life that are keeping you from joy and success. The collective wisdom captured in this book will guide you to push through those self-imposed barriers.

    When your brain works for you, and not against you, you will live your best life.

    Start challenging the limits you’ve accepted in your life!