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Unstoppable Couples

A weekend-long event for loving partners in a live, workshop-style setting

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Revitalize Your Relationship Through The Neuroscience Of Deeply Authentic Connection

Whether you’re married, life partners, or dating, relationships are not easy. This you already know.

From the moment a child becomes part of your world, you can’t imagine your life without them.

Yet, parenting doesn’t come with an instructional manual, a three-step approach, or a simple how-to list. It is far more complex than that.

Aside from navigating disagreements that are bound to arise between two humans living in close proximity, work, life, children, and life’s many responsibilities have a way of taking priority and driving space between you each day, with increasingly dangerous consequences.

Even if your relationship by most outward measures is a “success”, there are almost certainly issues or conversations you wouldn’t dare bring up to your partner for fear of making things worse or destroying your marriage. Perhaps it feels easier, and even safer, to maintain your current patterns rather than risking new, more positive ones.

Is this at all sounding familiar?

The truth is, many couples resign to mediocrity rather than reach for excellence.

And not because you haven’t tried to make things better or grow as a team — because you certainly have!

You’ve gone on trips, implemented a weekly date night, or tried any number of other behavior-based modifications you read about in an article. You may even have been on retreats and enjoyed fleeting improvements.

While these steps are positive and even encouraged, alone they don’t suffice in reshaping your thinking — which starts deep within the actual biology of your brain.

Unfortunately, many new beginnings quickly take well-worn paths back to old habits.

And, as repeat behaviors resurface, you end up feeling more discouraged, rather than reconnected. During these disagreements, you know that the same broken dance is about to begin and you probably feel powerless to stop it. If you have felt this pain, you’re probably ready to try almost anything to avert that same destructive conversation you’ve been having for years…or possibly even decades.

So Where Do You Go From Here?

After years of neurobiological research, practical experience, and direct coaching with many incredible couples, we know that relationships can be improved, often dramatically.

Good communication between partners often hinges on the empathy, respect, and compassion of the listener. So when we bring our assumptions, our judgments, our resentments, and our past hurts to the conversation, disconnection prevails…every single time.
But it’s possible to turn the tide. And it begins with knowing this:

A vital relationship starts with understanding the science of interpersonal connection and it thrives by learning how to better relate to one another as loving partners.

It’s possible, not only for that couple who seems to have it all together, but for you, too.


Unstoppable Couples

For partners who want to deepen their connection

Hosted in La Jolla, California

Rekindle your relationship during this weekend-long experience that unlocks authentic communication, stronger conflict resolution skills, and newfound peace and joy.

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll learn intimately and accurately about your partner, as well as yourself. Together, you’ll put an end to destructive cyclical patterns and repeat arguments, and will learn powerfully uplifting insights and practices to acknowledge, reinforce, and inspire your partner.

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Led by

Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader & Author, BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance

As an experienced medical doctor and the creator of the Personal Mastery™ program, Roddy’s compassionate approach to Neurocentric Coaching™ balances hard science with the depth of the human experience.

He’s helped people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity and thriving relationships.

Having worked with numerous Olympic athletes, spearheading several landmark events in global health and overcoming a handful of life-altering experiences himself, Roddy is dedicated to seeing people healed, whole and performing at their best.

What Students & Past Attendees Are Saying

Ready To Become An Unstoppable Couple?

Receive 2 full days worth of instruction, group discussion, and guided partner conversations.

Unlike behavior-based changes, the breakthroughs you’ll experience during this workshop result from modifying deeper pathways on a biological level, and result in lasting, self-reinforcing gains.

The incredible success couples enjoy in this workshop would not be possible without the very safe environment we create.

We intimately understand the exquisitely sensitive nature of relationship dynamics. Attendees consistently report the pivotal role that the “sacred space” plays in rejuvenating their relationships — both in the workshop, and beyond.

You will also benefit from the infectious courage of several other couples earnestly engaged in enhancing and enriching their own relationships.

Day 1 At-A-Glance


Your Perfect Design

An instructional tour through your magnificent brain


Creating the Future

Defining your UNSTOPPABLE love story




Your Perfect Relationship

Practical exercises that uncover your triggers and conquer your fears


Activating Desire

Practical exercises to discover and nurture your greatest assets


Unleashing the Power of Belief

Practical exercises that exploit your unique mental superpowers.

Day 2 At-A-Glance


Quality relationships between complex beings

Mastering the deep neuroscience of enduring love


Realizing your dream

Practical exercises that help you to identify and manage voices that undermine you and your partner




Realizing your dream

Practical exercises to bring your best self to your relationship


Your perfect relationship

Your mutual commitment and personal action plans

Choose Your Experience



Full Day Access

2 Meals and Snacks provided

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Full Day Access

2 Meals and Snacks provided
2 x 1h follow up calls*

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*These are one-on-one calls with Dr. Roddy Carter. You will be contacted to book your appointment times after the event.

What Students & Past Attendees Are Saying

Have A Few Questions Before Enrolling?

Will all conversations and discussions remain confidential?

Absolutely. The workshop is regarded as a “sacred space” that’s free from judgment and full of trust.

Do you have a cancellation or refund policy in case our plans change?

A $1500 cancellation fee is retained to cover the cost of the resort accommodations and food. However, we understand that truly unforeseen circumstances occur and if you are unable to attend, please contact us to see what options are available.

Who should attend?

Although a couple in deep conflict will undoubtedly benefit from this powerful approach, the Unstoppable Couples retreat is not designed only for couples in crisis. You can read more below to learn whether this experience is right for you and your partner.

Do we need to be a married couple to attend the retreat?

No. Couples in all stages of relationships are welcome.

How many other couples will be attending?

To keep the retreat a cozy and safe space we limit attendance. Only 5–8 couples participate.

What is included during the weekend retreat?

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days. Dinner is not included as many couples take that time to connect after the full day. Accommodation is not included with the cost of the workshop, however we will do the best we can to negotiate group rates with nearby hotels.

What is included during the weekend retreat?

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days. Dinner is not included as many couples take that time to connect after the full day. Accommodation is not included with the cost of the workshop, however we will do the best we can to negotiate group rates with nearby hotels.

What do I need to wear and bring?

Please wear relaxed, comfortable clothing. The experience is about nurturing deep authenticity in your relationship, and we want you to be at ease throughout. Don’t forget this is Southern California, so you may want to bring your sunscreen. Taking a beach walk together during the breaks is encouraged!

What Is An Unstoppable Couple And How Do You Know If This Retreat Is Right For You?

You’re ready to thrive with deep self-insight, partner insight, and exceptional intra-relational communication skills.
You have the courage to look with great honesty at who you are; you are open to new perspectives on your partner; and you possess the integrity to celebrate and nurture your differences.
You believe that there is art and science in love, and you’re ready to devote energy and effort to understanding and optimizing the underlying biology of your relationship.
You’re willing to invest in moments of focused attention on your relationship on an ongoing basis to create a lasting impact in your life.
You’re willing to take action and are ready to do the “psychic push-ups” required to change the underlying structure and function of your brain.

You want to model robust, healthy, and harmonious problem-solving skills to your children, family, and friends.