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Unstoppable You

A one-day event for growth-seeking individuals in a live workshop-style setting

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Break Through The Negative Cycles That Hold You Back

And discover the confident, resilient mindset that’s within you.

Why would humans with such inherent potential struggle to live their lives to the fullest degree?

It’s a curious juxtaposition because, after 200 million years of iterative design, Mother Nature has built us to win. We are biologically hardwired for triumph. Yet, every day, we underperform. We stand in our own way, unable to move past our limiting beliefs and inner critics.

We continue to struggle with sadness, underachievement at work, and broken relationships. There is a persistent imbalance within us and it reverberates in our lives, our careers, and our relationships.

This begs the question: Why? You are certainly not an anomaly in this, so clearly, something isn’t working.

You Simply Need To Master Your Greatest Resource: Your Brain

“The vast majority die without realizing more than a fraction of their powers. Born millionaires, they live and die in poverty.”

Alfred Richard Orage

With each passing year of our lives, we build up layers of neurological pathways in our brain, which initially, serve as protections. Protections against harm, pain, grief…even jealousy and regret.

But eventually, these protections become a problem. Rather than dissolving over time, they become stubbornly entrenched in our psyche.

We begin to think in patterns, taking what seems like the path of least resistance each time — like driving the same way to work each day.

We are, after all, creatures of habit

So it’s important for you to know this: you’re not broken, and your brain is only responding in the way it was designed and conditioned to respond.

Most of us aren’t even aware of these patterns because this isn’t a subject that’s being taught in grade school, in our homes, or even in college.

Yet, a life full of joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity is not just reserved for a precious few — it is meant for us all; it is meant for you.

And because you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re already one step ahead in discovering your own potential.

In fact, the deep fulfillment you’re seeking is already within you.

You just need the tools to help you break down your walls and build up the neurological pathways that make your success practically inevitable.

The good news is, the source of the problem is also the path to hope…

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Unstoppable You

For growth-seeking individuals pursuing more our of life

Hosted in La Jolla, California

Be inspired and empowered during this full-day experience that guides you in moving past your fears, transforming your outlook, and embracing the good opportunities that await you.

In just hours, you’ll learn how to rewire your underlying biology with enduring benefits in your life and pursue the rich rewards that come with Personal Mastery™: profound joy, lasting prosperity and thriving relationships.

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Led by

Dr. Roddy Carter

Physician, Performance Scientist, Master Coach, Corporate Leader & Author, BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance

As an experienced medical doctor and the creator of the Personal Mastery™ program, Roddy’s compassionate approach to Neurocentric Coaching™ balances hard science with the depth of the human experience.

He’s helped people to unlock their brain’s life-transforming power and ultimately experience profound joy, lasting prosperity and thriving relationships.

Having worked with numerous Olympic athletes, spearheading several landmark events in global health and overcoming a handful of life-altering experiences himself, Roddy is dedicated to seeing people healed, whole and performing at their best.

What Students & Past Attendees Are Saying

Reserve Your Spot & Join Us For Unstoppable You

Receive 7 hours of compassionate, neurocentric coaching™ and education in a small group of like-minded, growth-seeking individuals. Spots are limited as we ensure each workshop creates a safe and comfortable space for catalytic encounters to occur. You’ll walk away empowered and equipped to step into a profoundly fulfilling life.

Day At-A-Glance


Your Perfect Design

An instructional tour through your magnificent brain


Creating the Future

Unlocking your natural design to drive peak performance




Conquering fear

Practical exercises to systematically eliminate doubt


Activating Desire

Practical exercises that effectively cultivate and channel positive emotional energy


Unleashing the Power of Belief

Practical exercises that exploit your unique mental superpowers


Realizing Your Dream

Your personal action plan

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Full Day Access

2 Meals and Snacks provided

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Full Day Access

2 Meals and Snacks provided
2 x 1h follow up calls*

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*These are one-on-one calls with Dr. Roddy Carter. You will be contacted to book your appointment times after the event.

What Students & Past Attendees Are Saying

Have A Few Questions Before Enrolling?

Will all conversations and discussions remain confidential?

Absolutely. The workshop is regarded as a “sacred space” that’s free from judgment and full of trust.

Do you have a cancellation or refund policy in case our plans change?

A $250 cancellation fee is retained to cover the cost of the meeting room. However, we understand that truly unforeseen circumstances occur and if you are unable to attend, please contact us to see what options are available.

Who should attend?

In short, individuals who are desiring and seeking more out of life – whether you’re struggling through painful challenges, or earnestly seeking an uplifting growth spurt. If you’re willing to look inward, explore your fears and doubts, and take action on what you’ve learned, you will undeniably benefit from this workshop.

What's the dress code?

Please wear comfortable business casual attire.

Is There A Guarantee?

Unstoppable You is a proven workshop led by an experienced and expert instructor. If you’ve attended the workshop and done the work with an open heart and a courageous mind, it will give you the tools and the belief to accelerate forward in your life.

While results are dependent on each unique individual, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your investment into Unstoppable You, get in touch to book a brief phone call with us and share your feedback. From there, we’d be happy to reimburse you for the cost of your registration. We stand behind this work so that’s our guarantee to you — register now.