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A powerful vision has inspired my onward journey, pointing the way through grief towards a life of hope and abundance.

Two months ago, I wrote to explain my lengthy silence as I grappled with the overwhelming loss of my beloved wife Karen. I shared that I would continue to honor her in my work, but that it was still too difficult to find the creative energy to write.

It is now time.

As I have reflected on Karen’s intense beauty, and the immense gratitude I have for our intertwined love and lives, two images come to mind.

The first are the sunsets she loved. Each held unique beauty for her.

I am writing a series of sunset reflections and will compile them in a little book in her honor. I may share some of them with you in my newsletters.

The second image is a luscious garden.

Karen loved nature and was seldom more content than when she was pottering in our garden, making life more beautiful for anyone who cared to notice. Her creative generosity didn’t stop there.

She planted seeds of kindness in everyone she met. She sought and found the best in each of us. She sought and found the best in me. I was her garden.

I am now alone in my responsibility for this garden. Her work is done.

It is time for me to choose how to tend that garden.

Something will grow.

If I neglect it, weeds will soon take over.

If I tend it with love, the seeds of kindness and hope that Karen planted will flourish.

My work will forever reflect our commitment to each other, and our children. This will be my tireless honor.

Thank you for your many warm messages of love and support during this most difficult period.

Yes, it is now time!




I am fascinated by the impact of natural phenomena on the human psyche. We are all connected—to each other, and to the infinite cosmos that is our home.

At times, I try to understand the science of these exquisite interactions. At times, I simply stand in awe, a humble observer.

This is the first in a series of reflections on the power and impact of the setting sun that are published in the full anthology titled Sunset Lessons.

The series is dedicated with immeasurable gratitude to the life and legacy of my beautiful wife Karen, whose mortal journey ended prematurely during a spectacular sunrise, and whose memory will forever be enshrined in the light at the end of the day.