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What did you play at when you were growing up? A doctor, a nurse, an astronaut, a soldier, a teacher, a dolphin trainer? In playing these imaginary games, you were planting some of the most important seeds of your life. Here is the reason why you should free your imagination to empower your life.
Happiness is a right. We’re born with all the chemicals and connections we need to be happy. Yet so many people struggle with sadness and depression. Man’s best friend can help us find the way.
It’s a well-known phenomenon that “objects in the rear-view mirror appear smaller than they are”. If you’re ever in doubt about a work-life decision, I recommend that you apply the rear-view mirror test!
Our ancestors integrated work, family, and community seamlessly. We can learn from them to secure work-life balance, and happiness!
Good drivers perfect spatial awareness to keep them safely on track. We can learn from them to secure work-life balance, and happiness!
In one short sentence he taught me the power of affirmation. His loaded words still linger in my mind.

Your journey to abundance will comprise a million small steps, and a few big leaps. A special group of performers can guide you towards success, especially with the leaps! Here are their secrets.

We need to get out of our own way. Only we stand between our current reality and our future desires. Think about it ...