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Your Magnificent Brain

For many dark years, we scientists believed that the brain was a static organ. It peaked in childhood, then slowly decayed through our life. Today, luckily, we know better!
Love, kindness and compassion are gifts that reach deep within our bodies, altering the expression of our DNA, driving health and happiness.
Belief is the precursor of success. When we truly believe good things, success follows. Each of us has the ability to actively unlock belief. So, success is on our own hands, or heads, as you’ll soon read.
You asked how you could control your life and future? I’ll tell you. Think about it. Yes, that’s all. Think about it. Simple, powerful, true! Here’s why …
Health and happiness may require you to make major changes in your life. Understanding the science of reward will help you to succeed, happily.
The world is full of people sadly contemplating dreams that will never come true. Here are 5 steps you can take towards your biggest dreams.