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It’s a well-known phenomenon that “objects in the rear-view mirror appear smaller than they are”. If you’re ever in doubt about a work-life decision, I recommend that you apply the rear-view mirror test!
Our ancestors integrated work, family, and community seamlessly. We can learn from them to secure work-life balance, and happiness!
Good drivers perfect spatial awareness to keep them safely on track. We can learn from them to secure work-life balance, and happiness!
I’m an executive coach that helps clients achieve elite performance. Most of my time is spent doing serious work, with serious clients. Yet I still urge every one of them to “HAVE FUN!” The reason is very simple.

Our highly evolved brains can be our best friends, or our worst enemies. Learn to harness the power of your higher functions to weather conflict. Jenna has been an inspiring client. She has transformed her life, and been richly rewarded. When we first met, she was...

Each day I work with wonderful couples; courageous women and men, all striving to be their best selves. They all struggle with a mathematical equation we should have been taught at school. When you learn it, your relationship can thrive!
Do you blush when somebody compliments you? Do you squirm uncomfortably in your seat? Science shows that compliments are a valuable tradition that builds health and happiness.