A Tiny, Powerful Word …

One tiny word can change a mindset of doom and gloom to one of promise and expectation. These three letters can transform your life.

My wife is a schoolteacher. Every day she works with children striving to be the best that they can be. Through her work, she has acquired a deep respect for the power of belief, and to the danger of limiting beliefs. We human beings build dense boundaries to our own performance, usually within our own minds. This is the danger of our inner critic, and limiting beliefs.

One thing I have learnt from my wife (actually, there are many wonderful things I have learnt from her) is the power of a tiny little word.


If you use this little word at the end of a phrase, you convert a damning sentence into one filled with promise and hope.

Try it …

“I can’t do math … yet.”

“I don’t like chemistry … yet.”

“I can’t lose weight … yet.”

“I’m not healthy … yet.”

“I haven’t found happiness … yet.”

“Prosperity obviously isn’t for me … yet.”

It’s not just that the sentence sounds better when you add this tiny, powerful word. The more you say it, the more these phrases become self-fulfilling, and the more they describe a desirable and attainable future state. Over time, you convert a limiting belief to powerful self-belief. You work and wait patiently for the promise you have made yourself. It will come true.

If you’re struggling with the giant leap to prosperity, or the long journey to abundance, be honest with yourself, but articulate this as a statement filled with hope. Complete your descriptive sentences with this tiny powerful word …YET.

Then get back down to work on the fundamentals of self-belief and success.

Have fun (another tiny powerful word),





Dr. Roddy Carter is an internationally recognized Executive Coach and Performance Expert. Through his proprietary Neurocentric Coaching Method, he guides his clients to Personal Mastery … an evolved state in which we are able to harness the immense power of our brains to achieve the success we deserve.

Dr. Roddy Carter, MD, has over 30 years of experience working across a range of medical disciplines and corporate settings. 

At the height of his successful career, Roddy experienced his own health and happiness crisis. During this profoundly transformative time, he began applying his deep knowledge of performance neuroscience to his everyday life. He discovered that, in moments of trauma, the brain develops intricate psycho-protective adaptations to ensure our short-term survival; however, these adaptations often impose substantial residual limitations, create distress, and prevent us from reaching our full innate potential. 

Today, Roddy is an author and executive coach dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential by applying compassionate neuroscience and sharing his unique approach to Personal Mastery™. 

To learn more about Roddy and his coaching services, and to follow his blog, visit www.roddycarter.com. You can find his books, BodyWHealth and Sunset Lessons, on Amazon.