In Loving Memory

It’s the last day of the year, and we’re at that magical annual inflection point. It’s time to pause, in fruitful reflection before brave renewal.

Close followers of my writing have noticed my recent silence.

Silence is always louder than noise.

Seven weeks ago, I lost my beloved wife Karen to cancer. We had been at each other’s side for our entire adult lives. For almost four decades, we shared life; we created life; we celebrated life … together.

My prevailing sentiment is deep gratitude for the profound, intimate and rewarding journey we shared.

I will continue to honor Karen in my work. For now, though, it is hard to find the creative energy to write.

I am committed to a simple road of recovery … feeling, healing and revealing.

Although painful beyond words, I’m allowing myself to feel everything. Grief is not a cerebral process. It is deeply emotional. I must honor this. It will take as long as it takes.

Although it’s hard to imagine, I know that I am healing.

Although most days I am consumed by grief, I know that life will reveal the path ahead. I look forward to the wonderful onward journey, with Karen as my eternal partner and inspiration.

As we awake tomorrow morning, with renewed hope and energy, I invite you to embrace Karen’s spirit of optimism and fun. I will be holding onto the words she shared with us after a hilarious bout of spontaneous music and movement in our home one evening. As our children collapsed around us in various states of mirth and happiness, she reminded us all …

“It doesn’t matter how you dance; it matters that you dance.”

Wishing you a year of love, peace and joy!

Have fun,





I am fascinated by the impact of natural phenomena on the human psyche. We are all connected—to each other, and to the infinite cosmos that is our home.

At times, I try to understand the science of these exquisite interactions. At times, I simply stand in awe, a humble observer.

This is the first in a series of reflections on the power and impact of the setting sun that are published in the full anthology titled Sunset Lessons.

The series is dedicated with immeasurable gratitude to the life and legacy of my beautiful wife Karen, whose mortal journey ended prematurely during a spectacular sunrise, and whose memory will forever be enshrined in the light at the end of the day.

Dr. Roddy Carter, MD, has over 30 years of experience working across a range of medical disciplines and corporate settings. 

At the height of his successful career, Roddy experienced a personal health and happiness awakening. During this profoundly transformative time, he began applying his deep knowledge of performance neuroscience to his everyday life. He discovered that, in moments of stress, the brain develops intricate psycho-protective adaptations to ensure our short-term survival; however, these adaptations often impose substantial residual limitations, create profound (and often hidden) distress, and prevent us from reaching our innate potential.

Today, Roddy is an executive coach and author dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential throughout their lives by applying compassionate neuroscience and sharing his unique approach to Personal Mastery™.

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