Are you Trapped in Your Own Seed?

Mother Nature easily provides us with analogues to inspire our personal development. In this case, a tough little seed provides food for thought, and a roadmap towards success.

I was walking through the airport this week, getting in my steps, on my way home from an international meeting. As I often do, I had my earpieces in, listening to a podcast by one of my favorite gurus.

He said something that unleashed my imagination.

A single word sparked a long and winding reflection. It was the word “seed”.

To be honest, I don’t even remember the context in which he used it. I’m not sure what he discussed for the next 30 minutes (I’ll have to go back and listen again), but this is where this powerful word took me.

A seed is a hard case in which new life grows, protected from the harsh outside world. The seed contains nutrients for a young plant, enabling it to develop through vulnerable days in profound safety.

At the right time, the sapling must break out of its secure environment by cracking the tough exterior. It can then leap forward in another magnificent growth spurt … this time towards its ultimate goal … being a fully-fledged, mature plant.

As I mused on this concept, I couldn’t help thinking about my clients, each of whom comes to me hoping for a growth spurt. Whether they’re sailing high and hoping to “take it to the next level”, or struggling to find direction, each one eagerly anticipates a burst of new life.

Many have tried already on their own. Many feel trapped by their current circumstances.

Which brings me back to that seed.

Too often, we become trapped by the gifts that enabled our safe early growth. We are afraid to grow beyond current comforts. Even affluence becomes a potent disincentive for some of my hugely successful clients!

This makes me sad, because the very factors that once encouraged growth now become the reasons for stasis.

It takes several things to avoid this danger:

You need awareness of the danger of comfort.

You need imagination to see opportunity beyond the dense outer wall of your current existence.

You need courage and strength to simply break through.

You need even more courage to venture out into the brave sunshine beyond the shell.

As I boarded my next flight, I decided to share these thoughts with you, and the plea that arises naturally out of it …

“Don’t become trapped in the seed of your own life.”

Unleash your imagination. Summon the courage. Reject the comfort. Reach out for help if you need it. But whatever you do, be sure to embrace the growth you so richly deserve—the growth that fuels and liberates us towards Consciousness and Abundance.

Have fun,


Dr. Roddy Carter, MD, has over 30 years of experience working across a range of medical disciplines and corporate settings. 

At the height of his successful career, Roddy experienced his own health and happiness crisis. During this profoundly transformative time, he began applying his deep knowledge of performance neuroscience to his everyday life. He discovered that, in moments of trauma, the brain develops intricate psycho-protective adaptations to ensure our short-term survival; however, these adaptations often impose substantial residual limitations, create distress, and prevent us from reaching our full innate potential. 

Today, Roddy is an author and executive coach dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential by applying compassionate neuroscience and sharing his unique approach to Personal Mastery™. 

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