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Vulnerability is the precursor to growth. No longer seen as a human frailty, we should embrace it for it’s transformational power.

The Annual Christian calendar holds a remarkable truth at its core.

Theological messages aside, at the heart of the story of Christ is a powerful truth for us all. Today is Good Friday; the day Christians remember the crucifixion of the Son of God. We relive the darkest days of His mortal life. He was captured, humiliated, and then put to death on the cross. All power was taken from Him.

In this total loss of power, He gained total power.

Two days later, He rose victorious in a mysterious ascension that I can neither understand nor explain as a Christian or a scientist.

Human history is filled with stories that capture the intimate juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength.

The hero is born from a character who hits rock bottom. Urban legend has it that successful entrepreneurs must experience bankruptcy before they enjoy success. The mythological Phoenix flies up from the ashes of its predecessor, rising with new life. Out of war, comes peace.

Vulnerability is a powerful seed for rebirth and growth.

In both her scholarly and popular writing, resilience expert Brené Brown highlights the value of the “face-plant”; the moment we find ourselves face down in the arena of life. She guides her followers on how to respond to this situation. When we embrace vulnerability, even seek it out, we open the door on profound, transformational growth.

One of the beautiful messages in the Christian story is captured in Christ’s death posture. With poignant relevance, His raised arms as He surrendered His life on the cross are the same raised arms as those held high in a victory salute. This powerful irony perfectly captures the reward we can all find in vulnerability.

Challenge yourself to explore your own vulnerability.

When we are truly vulnerable, we engage in powerful actions that fuel growth. We listen, ask for help, yield to unsurmountable challenges, and above all, we invite rebirth.

I wish you the joy of vulnerability and resilience this Easter, and beyond.



I am Christian. At the same time, I am entirely respectful of the religion you choose to follow, or not. I believe that what I describe in this blog is a universal truth, above secular alignment. Vulnerability is a powerful force open to us all.