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Experience the life-altering impact of compassionate Neurocentric Coaching™ in a live, workshop-style setting.

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Each workshop applies Roddy Carter’s proven methodology & focuses on Personal Mastery™ in your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional life.

Third Quarter Power Play

An Elite Mastermind Program for Visionary Leaders

The Third Quarter Power Play is an elite mastermind program that exploits a multi-player advantage and a world-class impact curriculum under the exclusive leadership of a highly-experienced executive master coach to systematically ensure that a select group of leaders win their third quarter.

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Deeply Empowered Leadership

For Entrepreneurial Leaders Desiring Greater Impact

Cast a compelling new vision during this full-day experience that mobilizes your team, generates momentum, and tackles the fears that keep you from leaping forward.

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Unstoppable You

For Growth Seeking Individuals Pursuing More Out Of Life

A 1-day intensive that serves as a catalyst to break through the barriers and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

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Unstoppable Couples

For Loving Partners Who Want To Deepen Their Connection

Revitalize your relationship with this 2-day intensive designed to restore your sense of joy, connection, and intimacy.

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Deeply Empowered Parenting

For Devoted Parents Learning To Navigate New Territory

A weekend retreat teaching you how to apply neurobiology to your role as parents while raising deeply empowered children.

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After attending a Roddy Carter workshop, people are able to transcend fear, gain clarity around their direction, and escape the limiting beliefs that prevent them from accelerating forward.

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Regardless of which one is right for you…

You Can Count On Each Workshop To Be Worth It

Scientifically Grounded

The foundation of our training methodology and material is based on evidence-based neuroscience and professional insight.

Transferrable Application

Participants are equipped with a toolkit of practical, transferable value across the many aspects of life, with the aim of robust wholeness.

Experience-Led Focus

Roddy draws on a wealth of personal experience and expertise to guide each area of focus, while openly sharing his own stories and the successes of those he’s worked with.

Compassionate Connection

Roddy creates a safe, sacred space for people to let down their protective walls and remove the fear of judgement in order to uncover their most authentic selves.

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