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Happiness is a right. We’re born with all the chemicals and connections we need to be happy. Yet so many people struggle with sadness and depression. Man’s best friend can help us find the way.
Close your eyes and picture a happy gathering. Visualize the faces of friends and family. Close your eyes tighter, squeezing out all other senses except sound. Hear the noises of happiness. I’ll be very surprised if laughter wasn’t there, possibly the dominant memory. For good reason. This explicit social expression drives health and happiness.
Next time you go to the circus, look deep into the faces and eyes of the clowns. They will teach you how to unlock health and happiness.
What if I taught you a single exercise that worked more than 20 muscles, and improved your health and happiness? What if I told you that you could do it anywhere, anytime and that it won’t cost a cent, and it benefits those around you? What if I told you that those who do it with the greatest intensity are rewarded with the longest lives?