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It happens to us all: the fall. At some point we all find ourselves face-down in the arena. The pathway to recovery starts within your powerful brain.
You asked how you could control your life and future? I’ll tell you. Think about it. Yes, that’s all. Think about it. Simple, powerful, true! Here’s why …
What did you play at when you were growing up? A doctor, a nurse, an astronaut, a soldier, a teacher, a dolphin trainer? In playing these imaginary games, you were planting some of the most important seeds of your life. Here is the reason why you should free your imagination to empower your life.
Parents of young children often ask me what they should do to raise confident, successful young men and women. Here is what I tell them, based on my understanding of the neuroscience of the human brain, and the power of BELIEF …
To achieve success, we must achieve peak performance. The most predictable enabler of peak performance is the power of belief. You can read entire volumes of research on the neuroscience of belief, and I hope that you will, but here are the essential steps for you to take every day to accelerate your journey.
Most of us have lofty dreams. We hope for health, happiness, and prosperity. Despite these big plans, many of us stay exactly where we are ... a long way from our goals. Here is why!
One tiny word can change a mindset of doom and gloom to one of promise and expectation. These three letters can transform your life.